Our induction heating systems are currently applied in different industries. Thanks to the extremely high energy efficiency, guaranteed reliability in time and reduced overall size, our Induction Generators, Control Units and Optical Pyrometers are complemented by all the main automatic machine manufacturers (OEM), and have been used successfully in all those applications where the process repeatability, the constant power supply, and the accurate temperature control are essential.

Induction in Hot Heading

Fastener Hot Heading

Our Induction Heating power supplies for hot heading can run, learn, and recall different wire diameters, reducing reset time.

Thanks to extremely compact dimensions, our Induction Generators can easily be integrated inside Forging Machines for Hot Heading.

Aluminum Brazing with Induction

Aluminium Brazing

Aluminum brazing applications are particularly heat-critical because the melting temperature of the brazing alloy is quite close to the melting temperature of aluminum. Our Induction Heaters, partnered with IR Sensors, can accurately and consistently reach the proper temperature without melting your work pieces.

Induction Curing

Induction Bonding

Induction Bonding Application: Bonding with induction is where induction heating is used to bond two materials together, using an adhesive or a curing material. An adhesive is applied between the two conducting materials. The assembly is then placed into the induction coil. As the material is heated by induction it will accelerate the bonding process of the adhesive, bonding the two materials together. Other induction bonding applications Bonding a light adhesive over fastener threads; coating; sealing. You can also de-bond by placing conductive materials in the induction heating coil to break the bond.

Heat Treating

Induction Heat Treating Steel is one of our specialties! Check out this handy overview.

Tin soldering using induction

Soft Soldering

Specialized control units manage all soldering working phases in a closed-loop control system that can run, learn, and recall the parameters set by the operator.

Tool Brazing using Induction


Our highly accurate temperature control allows for localized heating to the soldering area only, safeguarding the metallurgical properties of the hard metal and cutting tip.