Our Services

At Induction Technology Solutions, we offer far more than just induction heaters.

We have decades of design and hands-on experience in providing solutions and guidance. We can thoroughly review your application requirements and in turn recommend the best induction, automation, and overall manufacturing processes for your application.

Failing qualification?  That’s our specialty!  As little as one day of consulting services may be able to get you back to passing qual!  Often just small tweaks in the tuning of your power supplies, a new coil design, adding IR Sensors for non-contact temperature control and monitoring, or data acquisition and analysis can make all the difference.

Want to move away from torch brazing and significantly improve your process control? Induction offers much safer, environmentally friendly, repeatable, and scalable manufacturing methods. Not sure how to start?   We offer a variety of hands-on proven induction heating methods for small and large companies and can help in making the transition, so you hit the ground running.

Feel you should be getting more out of your induction equipment?  We would be happy to review your equipment and processes and see if/where improvements could be made.  We also offer hands-on and/or theoretical training to demystify induction technology and make both your Engineers and Operators more knowledgeable.  Not all Electrical Engineers are familiar with induction technology! Take advantage of our expertise to get them up-to-speed. 

We are passionate about induction and would love to share our experience and enthusiasm with you!


Ray Ariss and the rest of our dedicated team.

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