Induction Heating Solutions

Why Use Induction Heating for Your Metal Heating Needs?

Induction Heating offers many advantages over oven or flame heating:

  • Scalable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Clean, no flames
  • Consistent, repeatable heating
  • Heat can be targeted in a specific area without heating the rest of the work piece
  • Accurate and precise heat profiling, with data acquisition available
  • Usually short return-on-investment

Depending on your application, some of our induction heaters are fitted with a Thermal Profile and Data Log, which stores all the parameters of your work cycles. You can quickly recall work cycle parameters for faster and reliable resetting of the generator. The settings you used to pass qualification last time can be recalled again and again for consistently accurate results.

Data logging also greatly assists your team in meeting certification requirements and quality assurance targets.


  • Our compact heating heads can be placed on the header system with a small footprint, maximizing operator work space and minimizing clutter.
  • High reliability allows continuous use without damaging downtime.
  • Constant power delivery allows to obtain stable and repeatable performance over time.
  • All our power supplies are Industry 4.0 ready.

The Inductronix Engineering Team

We provide a world of Induction Heating solutions, from concept to production. With decades of experience in induction heating, we are confident we can meet your needs.

For more information, please contact one of our Applications Engineers at 1-800-956-3941 or view our Applications page. We look forward to hearing from you!

About the author: Ray T. Ariss

Ray is so passionate about induction that he founded his own company back in 2011, serving his customers with high performance induction heating power supplies, coil designs, consulting, and IR Temperature Sensing and Data Logging systems.

If you have any questions about your induction heating application requirement, please call him or drop an email at any time.