Induction Master & Power Control Systems

The Master Controller V3+ is a multifunction induction heater power control system. It is designed for the automatic management of programmable heating processes.

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Induction heater

Product Summary

We are proud to introduce the Master Controller V3+.

The Standard Controller version comes with a set of predefined programs. All operating parameters for each phase of the heating cycle can be programmed within a wide range of values.

This allows maximum flexibility in setting the heating and cooling times, the power supplied by the induction generators, the operating temperatures for the piece being worked on and the quantity and feed speed of the soldering wire.

A wide range of digital and analog I/O signals, a fieldbus and an RS-232 serial interface allow connection to PLC, PC or external logic for remote loading and running of preset and user-defined heating programs.

The isolated inputs have programmable P/N logic, while the isolated outputs use a programmable auxiliary voltage of 12/24 V.

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  • Programming and management of up to two independent heating stations, consisting of: Power Cube Generator; non-contact temperature sensor or external thermocouples; automatic solder dispenser; antioxidant gas diffuser
  • High-definition graphic display
  • Internal memory and removable SD Card containing up to 100 work programs
  • Multiple interface Capabilities including: Industrial current/voltage I/O; Field Bus; RS-232; up to 22 input and 22 output
  • Validation and Reporting of each heating cycle for Production Quality Control and Certification
  • “STATUS” key for immediate reading of main Generator working parameters
  • “QUICK ACCESS” key for fast programming of user defined parameters
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