Induction Heating Equipment & Automation Systems

Our induction heating equipment & automation systems feature:

  • Automatic load impedance matching as the workpiece properties change.
  • Easy remote operation, programming, and management of up to two independent heat stations.
  • Internal memory and removable SD card capable of storing up to 100 User work programs.
  • The latest switching power supply technology, for the most advanced cost-effectiveness.
  • Adaptive digital phase control, providing very efficient operation in the whole frequency range.
  • We offer a full line of completely customized induction load coils, for our own and other manufacturers’ machines.
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Induction heater

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We Also Offer

  • Flexible warranty periods, to ensure that the heating equipment works properly and meets your expectations after installation.
  • Technical support and training for your personnel in using and servicing the equipment.
  • Full information on the design parameters necessary for proper integration and tuning of the equipment.
  • Assistance in determining the optimum job concept and coil design.
  • Technical personnel for on-site training and installation assistance at the end user facility.
  • Assistance with equipment troubleshooting with remote diagnostics capabilities.
  • Engineering design support for special applications and temperature control solutions.
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