Induction Graphite Heating Applications & Equipment

As Graphite is an excellent conductor of heat, there are 2 types of applications that benefit from induction heating for graphite:

  1. Using Graphite as a susceptor – concentrate heat where it’s needed
  2. Using Graphite as a vessel – place material to be melted inside a Graphite vessel

Both methods involve heating the graphite inductively and the target material conductively, in far less time than the hours it would take in an oven or furnace.

Induction heating of a Graphite vessel is an excellent choice for melting Gold, Titanium, Aluminum, Nickel, etc. Our graphite heating equipment heats up evenly and quickly and won’t contaminate the material to be melted.

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Induction heater

Case Study

One of the most interesting Graphite heating applications is growing industrial crystals.

One of our customers heating Graphite with induction is working on a proprietary crystal growing process.  They heat the Graphite inductively, which in turn heats the crystal growing solution conductively, without reacting with it. 

Crystal growing is an exacting application and it can be difficult to duplicate successful results. Our SA/80 series Induction Heater makes their job easier.

  • This is our High Performance innovative Low to Medium Frequency Induction Heating System.
  • The SA/80 Induction Heaters have dynamic on-the-fly self-tuning for load impedance matching. This means that the Generator “adapts” itself to your specific Induction Coil requirement and the workpiece material type being heated.
    Example: With some companies’ induction generators, you need to physically change the transformer ratio (which they will not tell you upfront) to adapt to the coil to deliver maximum Power to the load. Our Generator performs this function for you automatically.
  • Fully Calibrated Generators. No need to buy wasteful “Test Coils”, as some induction companies require with their product. We instead provide Calibration Certificates for all of our Generators and Optical Pyrometers!
  • Highly stable output – the output power to the load is always consistent, accurate, and highly regulated.
  • A built-in timer for truly consistent and repeatable results.
  • Data logging for recording all their heating events.
  • Automatic tracking and optimization.
  • User Friendly Operations through graphical touch-screen interface.
  • Control and monitoring of all our power supply settings using their own computer, in real-time, even remotely.
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The Benefits of Induction Technology Solutions

Induction Heaters from Induction Technology Solutions offer the following benefits:

  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Compliant with Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations
  • 50 years in business
  • Support – we want to partner with you and understand your business, not just sell you a machine.
  • Automation – all our induction heating systems are pre-wired to be automation-ready:
  • You can add an ethernet-enabled data logging card that keeps records all of your induction brazing settings on-they-fly – you can see the graph being plotted real-time, as well as keeping history of what you brazed based on all of your induction heating settings, so that you can always go back to your log and replicate your results.
  • You can communicate with our induction machine – you can manage and control your induction heating process via Field and Bus protocol:
    • Profinet
    • EtherCAT
    • EtherNet/IP
    • Others upon request (DeviceNet, CC-Link, CompoNet, Modbus-RTU, and others)
    • Field Bus and Network Compliance Certification

You’re welcome to contact our advanced test lab about your specific application requirements.

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