Induction Heating & Foundry Coils

The induction heating or foundry coil is the most important part of your induction heater. It’s the coil that makes the magic happen for induction furnaces. The best induction generator is only as good as its weakest link. That link is often the induction coil – the wrong coil design can melt your workpiece. A clogged coil can bring your production line to a halt. A leaking coil and you’re down for possibly weeks while you order another coil.

Check out our coil troubleshooting guide for some detailed advice on troubleshooting coil-related induction heating issues.

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aluminum brazing with induction foundry coil

Coil Opportunities – Did You Know?

  • The same induction heater can often be used for multiple applications with a coil change.
  • Dual-head coils can increase your production rate.
  • Flexible coil designs can be used on many different brands of induction heaters.
  • Coils can be insulated in ceramic, concrete, or other non-metallic material and still be effective.
  • It doesn’t have to take 5 minutes to disconnect one coil and switch to another – quick change devices can make changing coils much faster.
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