Induction for Shrink Fitting Applications & Equipment

Shrink fitting is heating metal (mainly steel), which expands upon heating, in order to insert another vessel or workpiece into the expanded housing. Once the heat dissipates, the outer piece shrinks around the inserted inner piece, resulting in a very tightly fitted assembly. 

Conversely, you can make repairs on a part by heating the outer housing and removing the inner piece for repair or replacement.

Why use Induction for Shrink Fitting?

Induction heating for Shrink Fitting applications offers the following benefits over oven heating:

  • Vastly reduced heating time
  • Selective heating without heating unwanted areas or entire parts
  • Immediate heat available – no oven preheating required
  • Clean power – doesn’t heat the environment and no gas is used
  • Energy-efficient
  • Automation ready
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Case Study for Shrink Fitting Application

It is a common technique in industries and mechanical workshops for the assembly and disassembly of mechanical components and transmission units. This method involves the use of heat and the phenomenon of thermal expansion to overcome the dimensional interference of two components and create an extremely strong mechanical coupling between two parts.

The main advantages of using our induction shrink fitting equipment are remarkable. The process repeatabilitythe constant power output, the possibility of locating the heating area of interest, i.e. Selective Heating without heating the rest of the assembly, accurate control of the temperature, the ability to monitor the temperature by means of a thermal imaging camera, the flexibility of use, speed of production, energy efficiency, and better quality control over the finished product.

Current Shrink Fitting Application

One current application is an automotive manufacturer that is using the Power Cube SA/80 series induction heater to shrink fit electric motor housings. 

Learn More about the Power Cube SA/80
Shrink fitting

Inductronix Thermal Imaging, Showing Heat Consistency & Uniformity Throughout the area to be heated

Why Induction Technology Solutions?

  • Extensive Application Experience
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • 50 years in business
  • Support – we want to partner with you and fully understand your requirement, not just sell you a machine
  • Dual remote heating heads
  • Dynamic auto-tuning
  • Highly Accurate Temperature Measurement & Control
  • Automation – all our induction heating systems are pre-wired to be automation-ready:
  • You can add an Ethernet-enabled data logging card that keeps records all of your induction settings on the fly – you can see the graph being plotted in real-time, as well as keep a history of all of your induction heating settings so that you can always go back to your log and replicate your results.
  • You can communicate with our induction machine – you can manage and control your induction heating process from a remote location, via Field and Bus protocol:
    • Profinet
    • EtherCAT
    • EtherNet/IP
    • Others upon request (DeviceNet, CC-Link, CompoNet, Modbus-RTU, and others)
    • Field Bus and Network Compliance Certification
  • You can control and monitor all our power supply settings using your own computer, in real-time, even remotely at a different location.
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