Induction Heating & Melting Industries Served

Induction traditionally is used in metal-related (magnetic or non-magnetic) industries. Below are the industries served by Induction Technology Solutions Inc. :


But advances in technology and creative thinking have expanded the types of applications and industries for induction. These types of industries use an indirect method of heating non-metallic materials. We currently have customers in the following industries: 

  • Diesel Fuel Extraction
  • Agriculture
  • Waste Management
  • Industrial Crystal Growing
  • and Medical

Upgrading from outdated induction heaters to our high-performance, highly energy-efficient, and small-footprint green state-of-the-art Induction Generators provided a Return on Investment of fewer than 6 months in energy consumption savings alone.

We have also done in-depth Research and Development for our customers, from concept to production, for applications as varied as agricultural bio-char production, renewable energy generation, and Nasa-related power generation potentially earmarked for the Mars program.

In summary, if there’s something you need heated, whether direct or indirect heating of your workpiece, there is probably an induction solution. Today’s generation of induction generators combines the best of 120+ years of experience with future-gen technology in order to solve today’s trickiest production issues. We would be delighted to work with you to come up with that solution!    

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