Fastener Manufacturing Industry Induction Heating

Induction heating for the fastener manufacturing industry comes with its own unique set of challenges – check out how we’ve solved some of the uniformity and repeatability challenges we’ve run across. In the manufacturing industry, our induction heating system applications include:

For Hot Heading applications, we recommend our Series 200 induction generators.


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Series 200 Induction Heaters in Action

All Series 200 controllers are fitted with a Thermal Profile and Data Log, which stores all the parameters of your work cycles. You can quickly recall work cycle parameters for faster resetting and reliable repeatability. Data logging also greatly assists your team in meeting certification requirements and quality assurance targets.

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  • Our compact heating heads can be placed on the header system with a small footprint, maximizing operator workspace and minimizing clutter.
  • High reliability allows continuous use without damaging downtime.
  • Constant power delivery allows to obtain stable and repeatable performance over time.
  • All our induction heaters are fastener manufacturing industry induction heating 4.0 ready.
  • Data-Logging for Storing & Recording all of your Induction Heating Wire Run, based Output Power Used, Temperature & Duration.
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