Induction Heating Coils

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  • Induction Heating Coil Concept and Design for your existing and future requirements
  • Induction Heating Coil Calculations based on your work piece material type, dimensions, and power requirement
  • Our advanced Coil Design and Simulator Program allows us to see heat patterns on your workpiece prior to Coil fabrication. 
  • Magnetic Flux Concentrators for more focused heating
  • Existing Coil redesign and optimization 
  • Coil designs such as: 
    • C-Shaped - for quick Coil - workpiece positioning 
    • Clamshell - for quick and easy unloading the workpiece
    • Conical
    • Pancake - for one-sided heating requirement
    • Induction Heat Treating Coils with built-in quench shower heads
    • CVD - for Crystal Growing applications
    • Epitaxy - for Semiconductor applications
    • Graphite Susceptor Heating with Insulation material suitable to be used in vacuum where the material does not outgas
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Inductronix Induction Heating Coil Design & Coil Manufacturing Examples

Coil Troubleshooting Guide Preview - Overheating

Are your parts overheating or worse, melting?  While induction is great because you can control the process, sometimes getting the process down exactly can be tricky, particularly if you’re using your induction heater and induction coil for multiple applications.  Induction coils are not one-size-fits-all: An induction coil with five turns, for instance, might be great at heating large-diameter parts but the resulting RF field could turn a smaller diameter piece into a dripping mess.

You don’t necessarily need to buy a different induction heater for every application, though – as long as your induction heater is properly sized and tuned, you may just have to switch coils.

If you’ve been using the same coil and induction heater for your application for a while, but have suddenly started having overheating issues, you need to look at a couple of other factors:

  • Has the distance of the workpiece from the coil changed? Possibly the fixture holding the workpiece in place has shifted or has been damaged.
  • Does the induction heater need re-tuning? Are there power fluctuations on the panel, or any kind of machine faults noted?

For even more coil-related induction heating issues, view the Induction Coil Troubleshooting Guide.

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At Inductronix, we know the right induction coil is vital to your induction heating application.

We can build and design Induction Heating Coils to your specifications or our Applications Engineers can work with you to determine the best coil design for your specific requirement.

Below are just a few of our basic coil designs that can be ordered to your size and fittings.

About Us

At Inductronix, we have decades of experience in the induction field.

We will gladly review your exisiting and future Coil requirements. We can do the following:

a. Evaluate your existing Induction Heating requirement and create an optimized Coil design.

b. Possibly add Magentic Field Concentrator, often referred to as Flux Concentrators, to your existing and/or future Coils to magnify, enhance, and concentrate, i.e. focus, the magnetic field to the requred heat zone.

c. Redesign your Coils and/or fabricate new ones.

d. Provide quick turnaround, depending on the Coil complexity.

Send us the details of your application and material and we will get back to you with a quick quote. Also, check out our complete induction heating solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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