Crystal Growing with Induction

From semiconductors to jewelry, crystal growing has many applications. Industries/Applications include:

  • Hi-tech: semiconductors
  • Cutting tools:  artificial diamonds are used on saw blades
  • Jewelry: Watches and diamond-tipped cutting and grinding tools
  • Medical devices:  lasers

Crystal growing is an exacting application and it can be extremely difficult to replicate successful results.  The smallest variation in heat can negatively affect the growth process.  We have personally seen the growth process slightly distorted by someone opening and closing the door to the lab!  Consistent and even cooling is also vital – sometimes certain relevant heating circuitry (boards) may slightly heat up if they’re not adequately cooled.  Even that small variation in temperature can ruin the process. One crystal can take a week and a half to grow, and be valued at over $100,000.  Without an extremely reliable heating system, the ingot can be ruined and the process will need to be started again from scratch.

Case Study

One of our customers using induction to grow crystals is working on a proprietary crystal growing process.  They are using our SA/80 induction heater to heat their Graphite susceptor inductively, which in turn heats the crystal growing solution conductively, without reacting with it.

They are using our SA/80 series Induction Heater.  This induction power supply provides:

  • Highly stable output – the output power to the load is always consistent, accurate, and highly regulated.
  • Calibration – our machines and our optical pyrometers are fully factory calibrated. You always know that the output power meters are accurate.  Certificates available.
  • Data logging for recording all heating events. view your actual temp and power graphically on-the-fly as well as recording all of your power, time, and temp.  Your “secret sauce” can be all recorded and reviewed at any time.
  • A built-in timer for truly consistent and replicable results.
  • Low frequency for deeper heat penetration. 
  • Control and monitoring of all our power supply settings using their own computer, in real-time, even remotely.
  • Automatic tracking and optimization.
  • User Friendly Operations through graphical touch-screen interface.


We have specialize induction heating coils for CVD type applications – contact us for more information.


Optical pyrometers are a great tool for monitoring the heat of the crystal, usually through a glass portal in the crucible.  You can use the pyrometer as a closed loop circuit – meaning you can set the temp on the pyrometer and have the power supply output be adjusted automatically by the pyrometer.  We also offer thermal Profile that comes with some of our units – this means that you may not need a PLC and you can set the target temp, heat time, ramp up, soak, and ramp down all on our generators, without an external PLC.

So – what induction machine do you need for your crystal growing application requirement?

That really depends on many factors.  We highly recommend that you contact us and we will work with you to determine the best solution for your application requirement.

Induction Heaters from Induction Technology Solutions offer the following benefits:

  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Compliant with Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations
  • 50 years in business
  • Support – we want to partner with you and understand your business, not just sell you a machine.
  • You can communicate with our induction machine – you can manage and control your induction heating process via Field and Bus protocol:
    • Profinet
    • EtherCAT
    • EtherNet/IP
    • Others upon request (DeviceNet, CC-Link, CompoNet, Modbus-RTU, and others)
    • Field Bus and Network Compliance Certification

You’re welcome to contact our advanced test lab about your specific application requirements.