Pyrometers – Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

At Inductronix, we are Engineers dedicated to serving you with the best non-nontact temperature measurement solution for your induction heating requirements.

Our Sensors:

  • Are the most accurate on the planet;
  • Can measure remotely through:
    • RF interference (as from induction load coils)
    • Glass
    • Smoke
    • Water and Steam
    • Flames and Combustion Gasses
    • Dust
    • Severe optical obstruction, misalignment, and intermittent interferences (ESP filtering);
  • Can accurately measure hard-to-measure materials such as Aluminum and other highly reflective materials;
  • Are made in the U.S.A. and are extremely rugged;
  • Feature programmable alerts and optional data acquisition software.

We are headquartered in Southern California and offer nationwide application evaluation, support and training.

Demo and evaluation units may be available.

Please call or email us for a copy of our IR Sensor White Paper for Induction Heating Applications.

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