Induction Heating Calculator

Check out our induction heating calculator for running basic calculations to help you size your induction heating applications properly. Inductronix is proud to be partnering with to be able to offer this calculator – for free!

Our calculator is for estimating your induction power needs only.  Induction calculations can be complicated, so consult with one of our applications engineers to ensure that you are purchasing the correctly powered machine.  There are also more factors you should consider when looking to purchase an induction heater than just its power.

Beyond the Induction Heating Calculator

Other factors to consider when looking to size and purchase an induction power supply:

Your Particular Application:  We have seen cases where, based on the material and size of the part to be heated, it seemed like the application required a 60 kW induction heater – but upon further investigation, the part needed to be surface heated only, not through-heated, and we were able to quote a 30 kW machine for approx. half the price! 

Tuning and Efficiency: Some induction companies purposely sell you an oversized power supply to compensate for their lack of efficiency and tuning.  Our state-of-the-art power supplies offer extremely efficient power.  They self-tune on-the-fly to deliver precise heating only where and when needed. 

Curie:  Heat Treating Steel?  When the temperature of steel goes over Curie, it loses its magnetic properties. The induction power supply efficiency falls rapidly.  With our new machines, as the steel is heated above Curie, the power generator retunes itself automatically on-the-fly to increase its output voltage to maintain full required power.  No other induction generators currently offer automatic tuning to compensate for Curie!

Data Logging – Save Your Settings and Pass Audit:  All our latest induction generators have a built-in temperature display.   Link them up to an optical pyrometer or thermocouple and log your real-time output power, temperature, and time for all of your production events.  With this invaluable tool, you can monitor all of your maximum high/low temperatures and be able to see where and when your workpiece was/was not heated correctly and be able to easily repeat settings for various production runs.  Our data logging meets most production audit standards.

Coil Design and Coil Flexibility – is the machine flexible enough to easily allow for coil changes for different applications?  Our auto-tune functionality allows you to easily change coils and have the machine automatically understand that you have changed coils.

Dual Output:  We were able to save customers valuable limited floor real estate by offering one induction heating cabinet with dual-output, each output with its own unique coil id and wraps.  Each output is automatically optimized with the power supply’s on-the-fly self-tuning functionality and separate data logging.

Spot-heating:  Possibly you need to concentrate heat on just one area of your workpiece.  We have solutions for that, both with heat concentrators and by designing a coil specific to your needs, without having to oversize an induction heater to heat the entire workpiece.

Operating Cost:  An over-powered, poorly tuned machine will cost you far more to operate than an efficient, well-tuned generator.

We hope you find this Induction Calculator useful and consider partnering with Inductronix for all your induction heating needs!