TCP Series High Frequency Induction Heater

TCP Series Induction Heaters
The new TPC Series devices are high-frequency induction heaters with an integrated heating temperature control system and an advanced I/O interface.
  • Incorporated temperature control with Thermal Profile mode
  • Management of two optical sensors for control of the heating temperature
  • Field Bus Interface (ProfiNet, EtherCat, EtherNet/IP…)
  • Dual Alternate, high Power output
  • Digital and analog control of the output power
  • Maintains stable and accurate output power even as working conditions change
  • High Safety: all models output isolated from the mains
  • Built-in Self-diagnosis
  • Compliant with the Regulations on Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Supplied with Calibration Certificate

The Power Cube TPC series induction generators are strongly orientated towards integrators and OEM customers. The heart of the device is an extremely compact generator with solid-state technology and state-of-the-art electronics, entirely controlled via microcomputer. This allows operation at maximum efficiency whatever the conditions of the work load, maintaining precise, stable and repeatable power delivery.

The generator powers up to two miniaturized induction heads, which can therefore be positioned easily in restricted spaces and are also easy to mount on robots and automatic machinery. An original, patented energy transfer solution allows rapid heating of metal components with the minimum absorption of power from the supply network.

Advanced control and Interface Functions

The Power Cube TPC allows operation in thermal profile mode. All the operational parameters of each phase of the heating cycle can be programmed, allowing maximum flexibility in the setting of the heating times, power delivered and operational temperatures for the piece to be heated.

The Field Bus and RS-232 interfaces, in addition to digital and analogical I/O signals, allow connection to a PLC or other external logic for activation, inhibition, control of the power delivered, the operational status of the generator and any excursion from the threshold of the thermal profile set.

Characteristics of the Integrated Controller

TCP Integrated Controller
The very fast response time of the Integrated Controller (=0.5 ms) allows for very precise and sharp temperature control.
  • Digital and analogical control of the power
  • Up to 20-step programming of temperature and length of time for each process
  • Management of two optical sensors to control the temperature
  • Programmable maximum power for each individual segment
  • Programmable temperature tolerance for each individual segment